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"Four Bed Wettings In A Row"

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Full length movie 63 minutes playing time
Featuring Kari and Scarlett

Morning after morning college student Scarlett wakes up having wet her bed. Peed onto it through her pyjamas and wet her panties, Pj's and the sheets.
She is still living with her stepmother and she doesn't tell her of course because she is so embarrassed but she bundles up the sheets in her pyjamas and panties each morning and put them in the washing machine.

In the middle of the week her stepmommy brings her work clothes into the laundry to put them in the washing machine but when she opens the lid she is hit with the stench of stale pee. What on earth is going on she wonders. She counts out three sets of pissed on sheets, pyjamas and panties. If Scarlett is going to wet the bed all the time she needs to be in diapers.

She goes shopping that afternoon and loads up with some cute baby pattern disposables some wipes, some powder, and a change mat. The next morning she enters Scarlett's bed room just as Scarlett wakes and insists on looking under the covers. Scarlett tries to hide it but she has wet her bed yet again . Well her stepmommy is prepared and tells her she needs to be in diapers and she is going to put one of these cute disposables on her. Of course Scarlett is embarrassed not only with her stepmother seeing her private parts but having to wear a diaper as well.

Once Kari has wiped and powdered Scarlett she tapes on one of the diapers she bought. Then she insists that Scarlett cannot go to college because she is a bedwetter just like a baby is. She takes off her wet pyjamas and puts her in a babyish onesie and tells her she needs to have a morning nap.

After a couple of hours Scarlett wakes and Kari enters the room and tells her she has arranged to take her to a special place for adult baby girls. She needs to dress her in a pretty dress and Mary Janes shoes to go out. Across town Kari leads Scarlett into the special place which is an adult sized nursery. Scarlett is somewhere between shocked and curious.

But then it gets really weird. Her stepmother insists on breastfeeding her just like she would a little baby. Then she says it has been a big day and very emotional one and she needs to put on a onesie again, hop in the cot and have an afternoon nap. Scarlett cannot see why because she is a grown adult but she goes along with it anyway.After all what else can she do. She nods off fairly quickly and when Kari enters the room after she has woken up Kari feels her diaper and sure enough she has wet it again. She needs to have another diaper change.

When she is all cleaned up and in a fresh, new disposable Scarlett's stepmommy helps her into the high chair to feed her some mushy baby food. Scarlett is regessing well and shows it by putting her fingers in the food and getting food all over her face. Kari smiles to herself because that is just what a baby would do. Once Kari has wiped Scarlett's face and fingers clean she lifts her out of the high chair and puts her in a playpen to keep her out of mischief while she gets the special place ready for an indefinite stay for her new adult baby girl.

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